Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dr.Rahul/Dr.Muskaan/Dr.Anjali Caught Smoking!

Smoking is a bad habit but its personal choice!But what if doctors smoke??There are few people who want to do this but don’t want anyone to know this!That too is acceptble,but what can explain 2 girls & a guy in ladies bathroom full of smoke??
We caught mayank anand(dr.rahul),dhrashti(drnai.muskaan) & suna(dr.anjali) from the popular serial dill mill gaye, in the ladies toilet together, which was filled with smoke.Yes,they forgot to latch the door & when it was opened by who genuinely wanted to use the toilet,they threw their cancer sticks & immediatly ran out looking visibly embrassed. Looks like doctors have run out of places to hide the cigarette butts. What happened to the terraces,bakdoors & parking lots??

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sukriti Khandpal Interview

Dill Mill Gayee has a new family member in the form of Dr. Riddhima! Sukirti Khandpal, the petite and gorgeous, takes on the new challenge from Shilpa Anand and promises to keep the audiences entertained with her role as Dr. Riddhima.

So we caught up with Sukirti to find out about her new role…

~ About this new role…
I will be playing Riddhima who is a doctor. A simple and cute girl. This role is different from that of what I played in Jersey. And this difference in roles is something that I like playing.

~ How is the shooting going...
It is going really well and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Am slowly getting into the groove.

~ What was the reason to replace the character?
I am not sure about that but I guess Shilpa had some personal reasons…

~ How did you feel when you were approached?
I felt really nice. It feels great to work with the production house that you are familiar with and it all the more makes you feel confident.

~ What made you accept the role which is replacing someone?
It doesn’t matter to me, I just took it up. There is no reason as such. I believe in my creativity and confidence level…And the theme is also good, so why not?

~ This role should be all the more challenging because you will have to match with the original character…Is it challenging?
May be…If you look at it from the audience point of view, it takes a while to get them used to it. In this industry, replacements happen and it is natural that these comparisons arise. Anyways I will give my best and the rest is left to the audience.

~ How is your rapport with your co stars...
It is been good to work with them. Infact everyone gave me a nice warm welcome. I should mention that Karan has been really sweet. Overall everyone is being very supportive and co-operative which is all the more helping me feel comfortable.

~ How is your chemistry with Karan on screen...Have you been able to share a better chemistry than Shilpa?
You should be asking Karan about it…I feel that the chemistry is quite good. But I cannot really compare with Shilpa because we are two different people. And Karan and I share a good comfort zone with each other.

~ What is next?? Your future plans…
Right now I am focusing on Dill Mill Gayee and would like to concentrate on what I have for the time being. If there are good projects my way then I will surely take them up.

~ TV/Films
Doesn’t matter to me. It all depends on the kind of offers and the subject matter which I will look into…

~ Any dream roles…
I do not have any specific dream role as such but I believe in giving variety to the audience. So I prefer doing different roles and like to give my fullest in whatever I do.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sukirti Khandpal Interview (The New Dr.Ridhimma)

Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye has at last revealed its new Riddhima and as confirmed by Telly Buzz few days back, it is the Jersey No. 10 girl Sukriti Khandpal who gets into the shoes of Shilpa Anand.
Did you expect that you will get to play the role of Riddhima? Yes, I was very confident that I will get this role. When I started my shoot, I was nervous but the way the production house supported me has been remarkable. Even the co-artists have put me at ease and I am enjoying every moment of my shoot. Any specific preparation you had to undergo to get into the shoes of Riddhima.. I think Riddhima is a very natural and real character, which does not need much preparation. Above all, I am very happy that I am not playing the stereotype girl who will only be seen wearing short skirts (laughs). I am glad that I have got two real characters to play in television, whether it is Jersey No. 10 or Dill Mill Gayye. How important do you think is your co-star? How do you think you will go about sharing screen space with Karan? I think in any serial you work in, the co-star plays a major role. Karan and I have become very good friends in a short span of time. He has made me feel comfortable on the sets. I just hope that we both can have a good chemistry going on screen too.. Shilpa Anand has been the face of Riddhima and has carved a niche for herself in the viewers’ heart. Do you think you will be able to do justice to the role? I think it is for the audience to decide. The only thing I can say at the outset is that I will put in my 100 percent to work. I am pretty confident that with the support and encouragement of the production house, channel and my co-artists, I will slowly make a place for myself in the viewers’ heart. I hope and pray that I am successful in living up to the expectation of one and all. What kind of a rapport do you share with Shilpa Anand? Have you talked to her after getting selected for this role? Well, please note that Shilpa and I have worked together in the past and we share a very good rapport. In fact, she was very happy when she got to know that I will play Riddhima and she welcomed me on the sets very nicely. She has always been very helpful. What is your dream role? I would always want to play realistic characters and would love to try something new and different every time I take up a new role. If not an actor, then what would you have been? Well, I would have been a social worker or a lawyer.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dr. Riddhima Shares That She Is Trying To Win Over Karan Singh In Real Life

Television best couple Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima (Karan and Shilpa) of Star one daily soap “Dill Mill Gayye” is recently going through a rough phase in their releation ship and its interesting to see Shilpa trying her best to win back Karan Singh.
Shilpa shares that she challenged Karan for a Bike race as she knew that he would never be able to refuse that challenge. The stunning couple does has a mishap during the race, but its all good as it only helps them to become closer to each other. According to a realiable sources which are close to the production, its a totally different story off screen. Karan in real life actually adores Shilpa and is always seen inviting the actress out for Coffee, but after a 12 hours shooting for a day, sleep is the only thing that Shilpa has in her mind, so she has refused Karan’s coffee offer. Karan Singh is known to be quite presistent and he is sure that after some days Shilpa will sure accept his Coffee offer.

Dill Mill Gayye Sets Record in TRP

The popularity of Karan Singh aka Dr Armaan of Dil Mil Gaye landed him in trouble recently. It all began when an intern on the show asks Dr Armaan for his number on an episode aired recently. The random cell number he uttered in the serial turned out to be an industrialist’s number. The man was inundated by calls from girls across the nation asking for Dr Armaan. Karan says, "The industrialist soon contacted the star CEO and told that everyday he gets a host of calls for Dr Armaan. He even threatened to sue the channel so I had to come on the show and tell everyone that they can reach Dr Armaan on Star One at 8.30 pm from Monday to Thursday."

The TRPs of the serial has reached 1.8, which is a record for Star One and the hit jodi of Armaan and Ridhima has become a household name. So how close is this jodi in real life?

Karan, who is very good friends with Shilpa, says, "In real life too I play a lot of pranks on Shilpa and trouble her on sets of Dil Mil Gaye. She is a wonderful co-artist to work with and I really enjoy her company." Before the serial was on air there was a lot of apprehension about its success. But with the soaring TRPs it looks like this pair is here to stay.

No time for South movies

Talking about popularity, Shilpa Anand, who plays Dr Ridhima in Dil Mill Gaye also enjoys her share of fans. With the soaring TRPs of Dil Mil Gaye the actor seems quite happy and is devoting all her time for the soap. Talking about the character she says, “Dr Ridhima is not just a character in the serial but is a portrayal of a 21 st century girl. the audience love her and enjoy the chemistry of Armaan and Ridhima.”

Shilpa who has done many advertisements for the small screen came into limelight after a cola ad with Amir Khan. Later she went on to act in a Telugu film and claims that she is inundated with offers to this day. But she is concentrating solely on DMG. She says, “I have done a Telugu movie Vishnu previously and I still keep getting offers from South Indian moviemakers. But the shooting schedules of DMG keeps me tied up so I am not venturing into any other serial or movie for now.”

Interview With Swini Khara a.ka Our Patient Minnie

Name, fame, recognition, appreciation, awards, fanfare and a chance to work with superstar Amitabh Bachchan is surely the dream goal of so many wannabe and established stars. But all this and more has been achieved by a little girl who is just 9 years old. Whether be it as Chaitali Thakkar in Television or as Amitji’s neighbour and confidante in the movie “Cheeni Kum” – Swini Khara has aced it all. Winner of ITA Best child artist (female) award in 2007, this girl has achieved with her dedication and sincerity what many can only dream of.
How does it feel to get an award, she was asked and we get the prompt reply, “I feel very much happy and it is a great achievement. Getting an award is a very good experience as you get the results of your work”. At such a tender age, such maturity in expression is really amazing. When she was asked if she liked her role as “Chaitali”, she replied in the affirmative saying that she enjoys playing the sweet and naughty character of Chaitali very much. But she makes sure to point out that she is not exactly like Chaitali, “I am not naughty like Chaitali, but I share one plus point with her. She always comes first in class and I do too.” But what if Swini is asked to be as naughty as Chaitali - would she be? “I can do that. But I want to be a good simple girl who studies and want to work more and go ahead in my life”, is her reply that shows how grounded the girl is. Swini shared that they have a lot of fun on the sets of Baa Bahu aur Baby and together with Gattu (Deven Bhojani) has a great time playing. Deven incidently also happens to be her favorite. "He is the funniest, and it is great fun having him around”, she quipped. When she was asked about her experience as far as Bollywood goes, “Bollywood is “The bollywood” – the place where all actors want to be”, she exclaimed and then added, “Bollywood is so popular and just being a part of it is a great experience. Till now I have achieved what I wanted to on TV and I want to work a lot harder and love to get all the bollywood awards.” So how was it working with Big B? She sounded too excited and fondly tells how she enjoyed the experience thoroughly. She also told how shocked she was when she came to know about her selection in Cheeni Kum, and adds excitedly, “I just could not believe that I am working with ‘THE’ Amit uncle – he is such a big star!". Is there is any other actor she wants to work with? Pat came her reply, “Hrithik Roshan”. Swini is surely a wonder kid. A topper in all forms of life; a girl with innocence in her voice, oozing maturity in her work, this girl has miles to go and great things to achieve in life..

Mayank Anand As A Anchor

Anchor vs Actor
Anchoring is a different ball game. I had thought that it was piece of cake but it isn’t. As an actor you balance the act with your co-actors. But as an anchor, it’s a solo take. However, it’s exciting to carry the show on your shoulders.

‘Cine Song’
It’s a one-hour show that covers a three-hour film. All the favourite scenes, songs and trivia surrounding the film are presented. The theatre ambience allows you to sit for three hours, but at home you want to view something racy. Here nostalgia is recaptured and memory refreshed. I have always loved Hindi cinema and researching for every show is fun.

An ideal friend is one who stands by me, no matter what comes my way. He can tell me, ‘Dude you are wrong!’

Ideal woman
She should be spunky, independent, a go-getter and have her head on her shoulders. More than being pretty, she should be somebody I could sit down and talk to with a glass of wine. I should be able to relate to her on a mental level.

A good conversation is a major turn-on! Also eyes speak a lot. I find the fragrance of Pleasures by Estee Lauder very sensual on a woman.

I am a die-hard romantic though I would forget birthdays and anniversaries. But any random Tuesday I would surprise my woman by buying her flowers. It’s like saying, ‘I have had a long day but I did think of you.’ No breakfast- in-bed for me, rather it would be an open-air meal. I would love to cook it myself since I am an experimental chef.

It is a human trait. It means a strong desire for something and it need not only be sexual. I lust for good work!

I can read everything under the sun except self-help books. My top books are Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.

Live and let live, and we all will be happy. Don’t judge people. If they are happy doing what they are, let them be.

I cook, read, paint or sleep my stress way. I like old-school rock music. But at home I like to have my quiet time and read.

An unknown side
I am very short-tempered. I am a cranky riser and need some time with my newspaper and chai. There is a difference between getting up and waking up.

I am not religious. But if my mother asks me to accompany her to the temple, I do so because I don’t like her going alone. Giving God ultimatums like, ‘If You want me to believe in You, then You have to do this for me,’ doesn’t work. My sense of energy is myself.

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